“Roomhancers gets results . . . my house sat on the market for 6 months. Donna and Beth came on board, made their staging recommendations and within one week, transformed my house into a warm and inviting home. We put the house back on the market and it sold in one day. That’s results!”
-Lisa Hartman, Homeowner
Real Estate Staging

Roomhancers provides personalized service
and creative solutions including:
  • Preparation of home/condo for sale
  • Interior decorating/remodeling/repairs and paint solutions
  • Room re-styling – furniture arranging & accessorizing
  • Clutter removal
  • Vacant home furnishing (rental furniture, artwork and decorative items are available)
  • Personal shopping services
  • New homeowner move-in
  • Open House services
  • Qualified professionals, i.e. interior decorators, carpenters, painters, cleaners, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, woodworkers, etc.

      Why Stage Your Home?
  • Staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes
  • The cost of staging is less than a price reduction It doesn’t take a lot of money . . . it makes a lot of money!
         Real Estate Staging
Real Estate Staging

Our flexible process involves the options below:
  • Personal Walk Through & Verbal Recommendation – one hour walk through of home, giving verbal recommendations. Includes exterior and interior room-by-room review with immediate, creative ideas being provided. All ideas are captured on a computerized Consultation Report that is sent out the same day. Digital photographs are taken and measurements may be taken as well.

  • Consultation Report – report with custom analysis of interior and exterior of home – geared toward homeowner who wants to do the work themselves but needs creative guidance. The Report becomes the indispensable road map providing step-by-step directions. It also provides a flexible menu of staging services and prices available for each home.

  • Home Staging Service – actual preparation of home for sale – for homeowners who want the recommended work completed, but do not want to do it themselves. A flexible menu of services is available to meet every homeowner’s needs and budgets. Accessory and furniture rental is available, as well as Personal Shopping Services.

  • Open House Service – hosting services provided to create a fun, non-intimidating party-like experience for prospective buyers. Includes baking of cookies, lighting of candles, and greeting of potential buyers. Expert decorating tips are provided, enlightening buyers on how the home can be enhanced upon purchase.

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